An Adventure in Design

I’m celebrating the first day of spring by finishing this fun cashmere scarf.  It’s still cool enough to wear cashmere, even in Oklahoma.  In fact, it’s almost never too warm for cashmere.  Even when it’s 100 plus outside, it can be chilly inside and a cute scarf is just right.

This project made me think of my mother.  She was a breast cancer survivor….twice.  She went through as many stages of grief and recovery as there are colors in this scarf.  The edges are finished with a soft ruffle….a feminine touch she would have appreciated.

My mom would have loved the fact this scarf is made from recycled cashmere sweaters.  She was a child of the Great Depression and was good at using up every bit of something and recycling, before is was fashionable.  She was eco-friendly before there was such a thing!

I’m listing this on my Etsy site today in celebration of Mom and Spring!

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