An Adventure in Design

Henry is my daughter’s fourth child and first son. What a joy to share in the surprise (they chose not to know the baby’s gender) of the birth of this little boy! I drove his sisters to the hospital after he was born and the anticipation of whether they had a sister, or a brother was almost too much. With much excitement and squeals of laughter, we all welcomed Henry.

I’ve made each of my grandchildren a blanket either before or shortly after they were born. They are all different, just as each child is different. Different blankets are done in different mediums. They are knitted, crocheted, quilted and now, made from cashmere sweaters. Henry’s blanket is made from felted cashmere sweaters. It is possibly the softest baby blanket I’ve ever made.
Being the first boy, Henry came into a world full of everything pink. Because we didn’t know if he would be a boy or a girl, his wardrobe consisted of gender neutral colors. Now that Henry had arrived, it was time to go shopping! A new nursery décor was in order. A world of adventure awaits Henry: a world with soft elephants, friendly turtles and gentle lions and lots of sisters!
I will be sharing more about how I started working with wool and cashmere sweaters in a future blog, but for now, I hope you will enjoy a photos of Henry’s blanket.

2 thoughts on “Henry’s Blanket

  1. Lois Plett says:

    Delighted to hear you got a boy!! Our grandson has 3 sisters and now 2 nieces. He seems to not be able to do anything right. He and his Papa were in conversation and one of his sisters corrected what he was saying and a loud discussion followed. Grandson says, “but Papa I have 3 sisters!” Papa told him that he also had 3 sisters and had to do his best to please them all. Grandson says, ‘I don’t have to!’ Papa told him that he had better try becasue if he didn’t his life would be miserable!! He had Papa became best of friends.


    1. mdhamill says:

      Thanks Lois! What a great story about your grandson!
      Actually Henry is our second grandson….our son also has a little boy and another boy due in July. I’m sure you will agree, grandchildren are the best!!


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