An Adventure in Design

my version! Purple–combines the calmness of blue and the energy of red. The words royalty, luxury and power come to mind. The color purple rarely occurs in nature which may account for it being one of the most expensive dyes to create, thus the association with royalty.

My process usually starts with gathering yarns and selecting colors.  Not every yarn is suitable for warp or even for weaving.  I was a knitter before I took up weaving, so I have lots of knitting yarns that I love to mix with yarns made specifically for weaving.  Ironically, I thought weaving would use up some of the knitting yarn….HA!!!  Anyone with an addiction (yes, it is a real thing) to yarn, fabric, beads, trim, etc., knows they will never live long enough to use up everything in their stash of materials.  Yes, I was a dreamer in that respect, and my children will have to forgive me when it comes time to downsize or hold that inevitable estate sale.

This shawl is gloriously purple and a bit larger than I usually make a shawl.  After weaving, it is wet finished, air dried and the ends are hand twisted into fringe and trimmed.  I love the way the different yarns blend together…..creating a whole piece of weaving that is greater than the simple sum of its parts!  This one is “in the books” and ready to be posted for sale on Etsy.


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