An Adventure in Design


I believe we are all creative beings. You might say you don’t have a creative bone in your body, but I think otherwise. Your creativity might be expressed in a different way than mine, but we all have an urge to produce something, make something, leave something of ourselves. We create in all types of ways…. art, writing, relationship, invention…. the ways are endless.
Most of my artistic work is done in fiber…. weaving, knitting, quilting. The yarns seem to almost talk, asking to be made into something useful, beautiful, functional. Collecting the yarns, grouping the colors, placing them next to each other, moving them around for a more pleasing effect, warping the loom, beginning the weaving and watching the piece grow under my fingers, finishing the fabric, photographing the completed piece, placing the work in the world, all these steps appeal and cause a sense of accomplishment. Doing this is an “itch” that must be scratched!
Even when other things demand my time and attention, I feel that urge to be creating. Perhaps the timing isn’t the best, but there are small ways to satisfy…. taking note of a lovely color, working on a small piece of knitting, planning for the next project. Just thinking about yarns, beads, cashmere, wool and cotton helps placate the creative itch when time won’t allow for a big project.
These hand towel and dishcloth sets allow me to be creative when I don’t have a lot of time for a larger project. They are simple, functional, easy to weave and finish and provide satisfaction for me as well are for the people who purchase them.
So when the creative itch strikes, don’t fight it, cause something unique to come into being through your own imagination and desire!


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    Good job

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