An Adventure in Design


This poor little cashmere baby blanket is lost!!  It is wandering around all by itself somewhere out there in the world, alone and needing to find it’s home.  It started life as a pile of cashmere sweaters.  They were purchase by me at various resale shops, washed and slightly felted, cut into large pieces, pressed and cut into squares and rectangles, sewn together, pressed some more, photographed and listed on Etsy.  A kind lady in the United Kingdom purchased the blanket and it was promptly sent on it’s way……then the problems began.

Yes, there were tracking numbers.  The tracking number led me to the U.K. and then the parcel just stopped.  The kind lady wished to have the cashmere baby blanket.  This began several long phone conversations with customer service at the United States Postal Service.  When I finally quite listening to the menu of options and repeatedly ask for “representative” I actually spoke to a person! She was most helpful and filed an inquiry with the Royal Mail.  Apparently the blanket had made it almost to the destination!  It sat in a delivery office until it exceeded the time limit for delivery and has been returned to the sender….ME!  Oh my!!

Now I am waiting on the poor little cashmere baby blanket to come home.  No sight of her yet.  The kind lady in the U.K. informs me she still wants the blanket, so if it ever arrives, we will start the process over again.  I hope this little blanket eventually finds a baby and keeps it warm and cozy!!

2 thoughts on “The “Around the World” Baby Blanket

  1. jenniebahn says:

    thanks for sharing, Diane…..I hope the second time is the charm !! My, that baby will be a teen if the UK postal servicedoes not step up !! xxxjoan

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  2. Shafer, Julie C says:

    Poor baby blanket. Hope it finds you soon then goes back in the mail again. It is beautiful. Love Abrams’ blanket.

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    Cherie Shafer-Forsythe

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