An Adventure in Design

I love the clean look of minimalism. The clean lines, simple clothing wardrobes, open spaces…I love it, but realistically I know I’ll never be able to achieve it. I have been making an effort to sort through things and clean out spaces. One of those spaces was filled with yarn…yarn I bought, yarn I was given…yarn and more yarn.

If you like any type of fiber work, you will understand the urge to purchase fabric, thread, yarn, etc. It can take over your house, so I cleaned….at least a little bit! I gathered several trash bags full of yarn and hauled them out to the garage. That’s as far as I got. My intention was to find a home for the bags of yarn…either to give them to some other person who loves yarn or to take them to the Goodwill store. The bags of yarn sat there for several months. I even called someone I thought might use them but we never connected.

One evening I was project-less with several free hours, so I brought the yarn back in the house, sorted it and started crocheting small blankets.  There are lots of places that will accept donations of small blankets or lap robes, so it shouldn’t be difficult to find a home for these.  I feel much better now about that bag of yarn!!

2 thoughts on “A Bag of Yarn

  1. norma3m says:

    Ask you local fire department if they would like to carry a few in a truck to give a child who has been traumatized, whether through a fire, car accident, etc. My friend in Colorado started a group that makes child sized quilts for this purpose and now work with fire departments all over the Denver metro area and in rural areas. They are called Firehouse Quilts if you want to do a google search.


    1. mdhamill says:

      Thanks for the suggestion Norma. I know someone in DAR working on small afghans for the Linus Project. I was thinking of sending these to her to include in their project.


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