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You can see why I titled this blog Ying and Yang!  We recently became the forever family to the Ying and Yang of pugs….Buster and Emma Lou.  We are not the first family to rescue these babies.  Buster and Emma Lou came to us in a very special and unique way. Their first rescuer was a hospice patient where my husband Joe is the medical director. She knew we were “pug” people and her family asked if we would become the parents to these two cuties. The owner passed away and Emma Lou and Buster came to live with us about two months ago.

Emma Lou has taken to the fiber arts.  She enjoyed getting into the pictures as I tried to photograph a recent cashmere blanket.  She is also a snuggle bug and loves to sit next to you or curl up in her bed.  She is a little shy and wants to take her time to get to know you.

Buster is friendly and outgoing.  He likes to bark at any activity going on outside.  He is quick to greet everyone and loves attention.

Pugs just make me smile.  You can’t help but laugh at their cute faces and be uplifted by their sweet nature.

As you can see, the whole family has fallen in love with these two. We are glad to share our home and family with Buster and Emma Lou!

One thought on “Ying and Yang–A Tale of Two Pugs

  1. sheral60 says:

    Cute story👍

    Nancy Lisle Washita Chapter Regent State Regents Project Sales Chair Nat V Chair South Central Division Good Citizen



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