An Adventure in Design

Winter is the perfect time to work with wool, creating warm and cozy blankets.  Even though we are not experiencing many days of freezing cold, it’s cold enough to wish for an afghan or blanket in the evenings.  Perfect weather to curl up with a book or binge watch that show you have been saving.

Cooler weather brought out the desire to dive into my stash of reclaimed wool sweaters and this grouping was the inspiration for the latest up-cycled sweater blanket.  Discarded sweaters are a bit like people; they  may have flaws or defects, but they still have beauty and usefulness!  I thought these colors were just gorgeous together.  They reminded me of a campfire…earthy soil, stone surround, rough logs and dancing flames!51018219_10211958046019627_3584510788196368384_n

Washing to felt the sweaters is just the beginning.  Many hours of cutting, pressing, deciding on the placement of each piece, sewing, pressing, sewing, binding, pressing, and photographing follow. Incorporating the sweater details, such as necklines and pockets, adds to the fun of creating each blanket.  I think the process is well worth the results!

These sweaters will be sent back out into the world in blanket form to continue their life of giving warmth and comfort.  The blanket will be for sale on my Esty site at DianeHamillFiberArt. I know it will find the perfect home!

2 thoughts on “Winter Blanket

  1. sheral60 says:

    Pretty. We r trying to get the ice off our windshield so we can leave for Lubbock

    Nancy Lisle Washita Chapter Regent State Regents Project Sales Chair Nat V Chair South Central Division Good Citizen


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    1. mdhamill says:

      It’s just rain here. Be safe driving!


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