An Adventure in Design

My loom has sat bare since the first of the year. There were the holidays….too busy to weave. Then a huge family trip….too busy before and after to weave. Then everything came to a halt with Covid 19. Our lives changed in so many ways it was impossible to take it all in. Some days are more difficult than others, and I am looking for ways to cope with our new reality. Exercise, meditation, more reading, connecting with family and friends in new ways, cooking more…..countless reflections on why we are in so many crises and what to do to help. Perhaps facing the loom was just too much and creativity had been replaced with concern for other things.

As my father used to say, “Do something, even if it’s wrong!” Meaning, don’t just sit there….get busy living. I drug the loom out from the spare bedroom where it had been hidden out of the way since Christmas 2019. I worried that I wouldn’t remember how to warp, but muscle memory took over and the loom was warped. I choose a project and colors I hoped would feel calm and serene. Kitchen towels are simple and useful. Making them is meditative. I usually warp enough length to make three towels. When the weaving is complete, I will knit dishcloths to match, photograph the sets, and post them in my Etsy shop. It’s lovely to sell my handwoven items, but in this case, it’s just nice to get back to weaving!



These colors are calming. A good choice for getting back to weaving!

4 thoughts on “My Loom and Covid 19

  1. Linda Coffey says:

    Diane… Happy to see you are weaving again… this has truly been a time of reflection and prayer for us. My mother always said adversity will lead you to your greatness by serving those around you. Glad you are doing well. May you be blessed today and all your tomorrows.


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    1. Diane Cone says:

      Your colors always cheer me, no matter my mood. I am glad you are weaving again. Stay well and happy.


      1. mdhamill says:

        Thank you so much!! Getting back to weaving feels “normal,” and we all need more normal!!! Take care and be safe!!


    2. mdhamill says:

      Thank you Linda!! I’m sure your mother is correct. This has certainly been a time for prayer and reflection. Blessings to you my friend!! Stay safe and well.


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