An Adventure in Design

If you are an artist, I am sure you have heard it said that an artist doesn’t create because they want to, they create because they must. I believe this is true and even after a period of down time, or maybe because of a period of down time, I felt compelled to order some lovely yarn and pick up knitting needles, to dig through bins of yarns and warp the loom, to get out the sewing machine and the ironing board and create. Whether you write, paint, weave, cook, sing or a myriad of other mediums, you understand what I am talking about.

When you create anything, you are putting your heart and soul on the line. Some artists might say it does not matter what people think of your art, you must create anyway; but a part of me really wants other people to like what I create. I spend a considerable amount on materials because one must have a “stash” of fiber on hand when the creative urge strikes! I spend a great deal of time planning a project, working on that project, photographing the project, writing about the project and sending it out into the world for others to see, consider, copy, judge, etc. Because I usually sell what I create, I have to decide on a price for my work. My mentor finally convinced me to think of myself as an artist and to price my work accordingly. This was really difficult for me, but if you don’t view your work as valuable, why should anyone else?

This brings me to my topic for today….”Selling Your Soul.” My creations are a part of me, but it was time to make sure they were sent out into the world, and so I decided to have a sale. I am going all out with a half-price sale of most of my work. It is time for these items to find new homes and new owners to enjoy them! It is time for new creations! Out you go, my lovelies!! Check out the sale at: https://www.etsy.com/shop/DianeHamillFiberArt

One thought on “Selling Your Soul

  1. raszyfibers says:

    Really meaningful! I agree! I haven’t taken that step yet, but your post resonates with me!


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