An Adventure in Design

Playing with color is just part of the fun of weaving. You can twist colors together, squint at them and try to imaging what they will look like when woven together all you want, but it’s usually a bit of a surprise at how something looks when woven. I love color—a brand new set of crayons, clothes sorted by color in a closet, rainbows of color cast from a prism, beads sorted on a string—all bring joy! If you asked me what is my favorite color, I couldn’t tell you…I love them all!

This past year, I’ve ordered several boxes of scraps left over from the manufacturing of socks. I’ve found them to be extremely interesting and fun to work with. There is no cost for the scraps, only for the shipping. They come in huge boxes weighting about 60 pounds. The scraps are compressed and mixed with tiny fibers from the manufacturing process. They look like a huge mess!

Sorting, cleaning and bagging these loops takes a great deal of time, but the results are worth the effort. The first box I received contained 90% gray…..I had no idea what I was going to do with all those gray loops. The next box had much more color including solid color loops and some very interesting multicolor loops. I decided to make my own color card to keep track of what I have available to work with in these loops.

While some people using these have commented that they are not “as good as” the smoother, more uniform loops available to purchase, I find these loops intriguing and the fact that they are a waste product destined for landfills makes me feel good about using them in my fiber art. While the finished products look more rustic, they have a beauty of their own. So here are some finished weavings….gradients of colors.

Sending you all love and inspiration!!

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