An Adventure in Design

My mother was of the generation of women that wore headscarves.  You know, like Queen Elizabeth.  The Queen is often photographed with the two accessories she wears most….her purse and/or a headscarf.  The Queen was born in 1926, my mother was born in 1928, so perhaps that accounts for their preference for a headscarf.  For Mom, covering one’s head and neck kept you warm and prevented colds and earaches.  I’m not a fan of triangular headscarves, but I love a beautiful scarf, whether it’s purpose is warmth or just as a fashion accessory.  When I put on a coat and scarf, I can hear my mother say, “Wear your scarf!”


So it’s no wonder that I think of my mother sometimes while I’m working on scarves. I wanted to work on a warm project last weekend and sewing with cashmere was a perfect fit.  Inspired by Mother and Her Majesty, I choose colors from the classic check Burberry plaid.

In these photos, you can see a little bit about my construction process as well as the finished product.  I love the finished scarf.  You can’t go wrong with classic colors!  You can see this scarf and several other new items on my Etsy site at DianeHamillFiberArt.  It’s cold outside…..don’t forget to “wear your scarf!!”

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